The bottling
The wine in the casks and wooden barrels get tasted and analysed by our oenologist and winery staff before being mixed together in large vats. In the vats the wine clarifies and once again is decanted. After the analysis and approval of the Tasting Committee of the Camera di Commercio the wine can be bottled.

Our wine-making cellar is equipped with the most advanced bottling technology to ensure the highest levels of quality and hygiene.

In order to maintain unaltered substance and characteristics we purposely do not filter our wines. The sediment that may settle to the bottom of the bottle is a natural part of the evolution of the wine.

Our philosophy regarding winemaking is to produce wine that is as representative of the place of origin, as well as to produce it as natural as possible. Our long history testifies to our commitment. We use glass bottles for our wine, corks, and cardboard boxes for packaging: all recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials.