Alessandro Starrabba Malacari
Today the estate is under the management of Alessandro Starrabba Malacari and it is a wine growing business specialized in grape cultivation and DOC and DOCG wine production.

Of the 44 hectares of the estate, all located in the Offagna territory, 19 are planted with Montepulciano varietals and Conero Riserva DOCG and Rosso Conero DOC wines are produced. The vineyards are all on the Grigiano hill and fall within the DOC Rosso Conero area of the Conero Reserve DOCG. In 1971 nine of the 19 hectares were planted with the remaining 10 hectares being planted between 2001 and 2006.

The turning point for the business was back in 1997 when Alessandro Starrabba decided to concentrate on the vineyards and DOC wine production. He restored the cellars of the mansion, and, with the assistance of oenologist and winemaking expert Sergio Paolucci, started to attentively select grapes, planning the first fermentations and refining the Rosso Conero DOC "Villa Malacari". The following year he selected 4 hectares of the Grigiano vineyards where, from then on, the best grapes were harvested to produce Conero Riserva DOCG "Grigiano". In 2000 he started working in cooperation with agronomist Pierluigi Donna who, since then, tends to the agronomic aspect of the vineyard and studies the new grapevine plants.

The estate specializes in high quality wine production which requires the integral control of the production filiera. The family business carries out all the phases of the filiera: from planting and cultivation to harvesting; from processing the grapes into wine to refining in oak barrels; and finally to bottling and maturing. Only grapes from the Malacari vineyards are used: the long and thorough process in the vineyards during the period of January to October (agricultural year) when the plants are pruned, fertilized, protected, selected, grapes are thinned out, grapes are chosen for vintage. This process guarantees the maturity and quality of our grapes and represents the most important requirement for our quality. The derived product is a DOC DOCG wine made only of autochthonous grapes (Montepulciano). The production strategy aims to realize a unique and irreproducible wine as a result of the terroir: mixture of soil, climate, vines, and millenary culture of the Conero territory.

The estate currently yields 80,000 bottles per year, between Conero Riserva DOCG (Grigiano) and Rosso Conero DOC (Villa Malacari). 50% of the wine is sold in Italy with the remaining going to Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, the USA, and Hong Kong.

The estate is associated with Movimento del Turismo del Vino, thus participating in many promotional events for the enhancement of Enoturismo.