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The vine harvest
In October the sky is clear and the air is clean. From the small hills of Conero mountain, one can at times catch a glimpse of the Dalmatian shores that lie on the other side of the Adriatic sea.

The grapes are ready. The teams of grape pickers are prepared: shallow carts carry the containers into which the recently picked grapes will be loaded.

On each side of the carts a couple of pickers with scissors cut and carefully place the grape bunches in the containers. They were trained to choose only the right grapes. Grapes which are not yet ripe or which smell of mould must be left on the ground.

The grapes are picked only by hand. They must be handled with care and brought whole to the winery within one, or, at most, two hours after picking.

When the containers are full, they are transported three kilometres by van to the winery. There, everything is ready for the delivery of the grapes.

The containers are unloaded into the hopper and the grapes are channelled via the conveyer to the selection table: a horizontal surface much like a conveyor belt on whose sides four workers check the fruit one by one before picking and pressing them.

Once pressed, the grapes become must that is put into vats to ferment.

Harvesting is possible only when the grapes are dry, that is to say, when it does not rain.

One works hard every day until sunset so that the fruit does not spoil.