Villa Malacari
VILLA MALACARI - Rosso Conero doc - Profile
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Villa Malacari, Rosso Conero doc Total surface area
15.30 hectares (37.81 acres)
Grape Variety Undiluted Montepulciano winegrapes
Vineyard age 15 years
Soils Clayey and sandy silt
Altitude 250 metres above sea level
Vines per hectare 4,500
Wine farming Double cordone speronato (cord and support) pruning, cultivation With low environmental impact; complete cover crop; selection of buds, and thinning of leaf and lateral shoots and leaves at the invaiatura - the beginning stage of maturation.
Harvest Grapes are selected by hand and placed carefully in small boxes then brought, within one and a half hours, to the cellar.
Vinification The most suitable grapes are then selected in the cellar on the selection table where after they undergo a soft picking-pressing process before the delestage: 8 days of temperature-controlled skin fermentation in steel vats.
Ageing The ageing is done in oak barrels and casks for a period of 9 to 12 months.