The spring
With the first signs of spring warmth the pruned vine seems to shed a tear. It awakes, cleans all its vessels-from roots to tips- as in a revitalizing weep.

The first buds sprout along the cords. Small, green and pink, in no time they grow into leaves, stretch into branches, and multiply, until small and soft pyramids are visible among the branches, which will develop into juicy and red grapes.

April comes and then May, and the vines grow nonstop. All that is needed is a few drops of rain and the warmth of the spring sun to make the branches grow several centimetres a day. The wine row grows thicker becoming wood and the leaves mature into a deep green colour. The workers follow the plants’ rhythm: weeding when needed and adjusting the cords and supports so the branches continue growing skyward. Then comes the time to select the vines: cleaning the double buds and the forked branches. Later the twin grape bunches are eliminated to guarantee balanced lymph circulation so that the fruit can mature at the right time.

To prevent mould the vines are sprayed with sulphur and copper-based natural products and leaves are removed from the grape brunches to enable them to breathe.

When the vineyards are green and the ground is covered in white clover flowers, red honeysuckle, daisies and chamomile, the vines blossom discretely as well: the small bunches bloom with little white petals that are destined to whisked away by the wind.